Ear Aesthetics

Ear Aesthetics

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Kulak estetiği nedir

The scoop ear is usually inherited. In other words, if it exists in the parents, it can also be in the child. Can be seen more in male children. There is usually no other disease that accompanies the scoop ear. The Shape of the ear has no effect on hearing, and the problem is only a cosmetic problem.

If it is noticed in infancy, this method does not provide a definitive solution, even if its progression can be stopped somewhat by applying a hairband. Scoop ear disorder can be permanently corrected only by surgery.

  • A scoop ear operation is usually set up on removing excess tissue through small incisions behind the ear.
  • These incisions, made on the folds behind the ear, leave almost no traces.
  • Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists make a personalized scoop ear operation plan.
  • The most common method is to reduce excess cartilage in the ear by rasping, removing it if necessary, and giving the ear a new shape that is curved back with special stitches that are not absorbed by the body.

How Many Hours Does Ear Aesthetics Surgery Take ?

A few hours after the operation, which is performed under local anesthesia in operating room conditions and lasts about 1 hour, our guest can stand up. Ears are wrapped to protect ear tissue and facilitate healing. After 2-4 days, this wrap is removed and our guest’s head is wrapped with a lighter dressing. If self-melting stitches are not used, the stitches are usually removed within a week.

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After removal of the bandages, it is recommended to use a tape covering the ears for 6-8 weeks, especially when lying down at night. In addition, the sutures are preserved in this way. In this way, there is no harm in lying on the ears of patients. There is no need to get stitches after surgery. In the first few days, some swelling may appear in the ears, but there is no pain in the postoperative process.

After two days of surgery, this dressing is removed and a protective
About two days after surgery, patients may be allowed to shower with the opening of the dressings. In this process, moisturizing creams are applied to the outer surface of the ear. Do not apply too much force to the back of the ear when showering and try to be careful not to damage the stitches.

Kulak estetiği sonrası ahmet dilber

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