Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics

Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”601475234709c” quote=”Eyebrow removal is all of the procedures performed to raise your eyebrows to give you a more youthful appearance, give your eyes a more meaningful and attractive look, or just fix a low or sagging eyebrow. This procedure can be performed with surgical and non-surgical techniques.”][/yprm_testimonials]

Non-Surgical Methods

Eyebrow lift with Botox

The most common form of eyebrow lift is brow lift with Botox. In this method, Botox applied to the middle area of the forehead relaxes the muscles in this area, while the side forehead muscles, which are not applied to Botox, pull the eyebrows up. In fact, brow lifting with Botox is caused by not applying Botox to the muscles that will lift. The result is the duration of the Botox effect.

Eyebrow hanging with rope (lifting)

In this method, the eyebrows are pulled up using some ropes placed under the skin. These ropes have permanent or absorbable States. This method has been abandoned by many surgeons today. Because, due to the possibility of returning to its former state in a short period of time, rope foreign body reactions and asymmetry are not preferred today.

Surgical Methods

Eyebrow Lift From Eyelid

This method can be used in patients with upper eyelid aesthetics who need a small amount of eyebrow lift. here, the eyebrow from the same monk on the upper eyelid is brought to the desired position. Healing is similar with eyelid. The results are permanent for many years.

Fogli Technique

This method is the most advanced eyebrow hanging technique today. With a small incision inside the hair, the eyebrows are fixed to the desired position by the strength of the tissues. Because there is no rope hanging, the probability of returning is very, very small. Wrinkles in the area of the goose foot can also be treated at the same time. The results are permanent for many years.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift

In this method, the brow area is released from the deep tissues with the help of a camera. This technique is rather recommended for patients who also need forehead lift aesthetics, or who want to find a permanent solution to their wrinkles between the eyebrows. Suitable candidates for surgery are usually those who have no serious medical complications, have good physical and mental health, and do not smoke. In this method, the results are permanent for many years.

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60146de94ded4″ quote=”Recovery after botox from non-surgical methods occurs within a few hours. In surgical methods, the swelling will disappear and return to your normal life will be around 3-5 days. In the endoscopic method, this period can reach 1 Week.”][/yprm_testimonials]

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