Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”601475234709c” quote=”Forehead lift surgery is generally applied to patients over the age of 40. It is applied to people with deepening forehead lines and therefore low eyebrows. If there is also any bagging on the eyelids during forehead lift surgery, these problems can be corrected during this session.”][/yprm_testimonials]
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Low Nov with aging, forehead wrinkles and forehead lines and wrinkles around the eyes generated with the various mimics of time significantly disrupts the image of our face aesthetic defects. To prevent this, the following steps are taken:

Forehead lift surgery directly eliminates these problems.

  • By entering the endoscope through incisions in the scalp, all tissues and muscles are displayed.
  • With the help of the device, the muscles holding the forehead skin and eyebrows are liberated and the forehead is stretched and the eyebrows are raised and hung to the bone structures in the scalp with the help of ropes.
  • The operation takes an average of 1 to 3 hours.
  • After the operation, patients can return to their daily lives after an average of 1 Week.

A tight forehead and non-frowned eyebrows are targeted together with lift surgery.

What are the methods of forehead lift surgery ?

In the classic method of forehead lift surgery, if there is an excess of skin in the area, an operation is performed to remove this excess. For this method, a crown-shaped incision is made 4-5 cm behind the skin with hair, removing the excess forehead skin.

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60146de94ded4″ quote=”The healing process of endoscopic forehead lift surgery is slightly faster than the classic lift method. The loss of sensation experienced on the skin with hair will be very short-lived.”][/yprm_testimonials]

About the Surgery

Relaxation, sagging and wrinkles are observed in our skin due to the use of facial expressions, genetic factors, physiological aging, personal and environmental factors. Forehead lift surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia and in a hospital environment. Before the operation, the patient is examined by an anesthesiologist and all necessary examinations are completed at this stage. Brow lifting can also be applied during lift surgery.

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