Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”601475234709c” quote=”Today, this region has been brought to the forefront due to the change in body perception. The skeletal structures of men and women are different. With the development of muscles clinging to the skeletal structure, soft and fatty tissues under some effects provide the formation of butt form. Men and women do not matter, as age progresses in both sexes, sagging in this area, melting in the muscles, as well as flattening occurs.”][/yprm_testimonials]
popo estetiği ahmet dilber
  • Butt aesthetics, which are applied to have a beautiful appearance, are performed for enlargement or lifting purposes. The need for butt plastic surgery can arise for various reasons. Because of the genetic structure, those who are not satisfied with the appearance or are not satisfied with the body structure, which is deteriorated with the progression of age, may resort to this plastic surgery.
  • In addition to genetic factors, the butt hip area is the area of the body that is constantly and most exposed to gravity. Periods after birth, rapid weight loss, diet programs affect tissue resistance to gravity.

Before and After Hip Aesthetics

  • In women whose hips are small or saggy, enlargement or erection of the hip with the help of their own adipose tissue or with the help of butt prostheses is known as hip aesthetic procedures.
  • The patient is checked by doctors whether there is a significant disease that he has experienced before the Hip Bone aesthetic operation is performed. If any of these conditions are involved, he should definitely inform the doctor before the operation.
  • After the operation, the doctor gives the person drugs that prevent the formation of edema and bruises that are appropriate. After the operation, the hip should be protected from external factors and hard sitting should be avoided.

How Is Butt Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Butt Aesthetic Surgery is performed in a hospital environment. General anesthesia is needed in surgery. In general, the operation time can last 1 or 2 hours. After surgery, the person lies face down for the first few days. The patient can also lie in a side position. 3. During the day, the person can perform completely lying on his back and sitting. After the next 10 days, he can completely return to his old social life. It is very important to use a corset for 2 or 3 weeks after surgery.

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60146de94ded4″ quote=”In butt augmentation, the enlargement process is performed with a slikon prosthesis. The incision is made from the folded area on the butt. Gluteal implants (slicons) can be of various sizes, anatomically shaped or round.”][/yprm_testimonials]
kalça popo estetiği ahmet dilber

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