Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”601475234709c” quote=”Legs are one of the aesthetic units of the body. Tight fit and slender legs have always been a sign of beauty. Slender and tight legs make the body look longer. For this reason, leg aesthetics is one of the most important operations of plastic surgery.”][/yprm_testimonials]
  • In leg aesthetics, the goal is to have legs that match your physique, providing body proportion from hips to ankles.
  • During the operation, fat tissue is removed from the excess areas in the leg area and added to the missing areas. Conversely, silicone prosthetics or fillers can be used to shape the legs when fat is insufficient. Every person who wants to have an Ideal leg shape can have a leg aesthetic operation.
  • Disproportionate lubrication is a negative that distorts and disturbs the body pattern in a person’s physique. Defects in the leg do not always occur from excess fat. The most important problem underlying leg distortions is novelization of the leg bone or muscle problems such as polio. In these cases, camouflage aesthetics are performed.

What You Need To Know About Inner Leg Aesthetics

The inner legs are the most difficult areas of the body that resist gravity with age. Along with the arms, they are areas where the skin is thin. Because they are moving areas,they are suitable for sagging. No matter how thin the ankles are, the inside of the leg and thigh is loose and fat makes the leg thick.

 In women who do not exercise and have excess weight, fat accumulation occurs first in the inner legs. Because the skin of the inner leg tends to sag and has loose skin, this accumulation of fat over time can lead to a decrease in the tightness of the inner leg. If the skin has not lost much slack in the early stages, the inner leg fat can be taken with the slim lipo process and the skin of this area can be tightened.

Just because the classic liposuction procedure does not provide enough tightening of the skin, even if the fat is removed from the inner legs, there is not enough thinning. In the Slim lipo process, both adipose tissue is melted and skin tightening is achieved by using two wavelengths. In this way, skin looseness is reduced.

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60146de94ded4″ quote=”Sutures that melt on their own are used in surgery, so there is no need to remove stitches. It is necessary to wait at least six months for the scars to decrease and become invisible. A month after surgery, there is no harm in entering the sea or pool.”][/yprm_testimonials]
bacak estetiği ahmet dilber

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