Tummy Tuck Aesthetics

Tummy Tuck Aesthetics

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”601475234709c” quote=”Sagging abdominal skin, which requires a tummy tuck operation, usually occurs in women. However, in men, as a result of excessive weight gain, sagging and relaxation occur due to deformation of the skin and muscles of the abdomen and belly.”][/yprm_testimonials]

The most important factor in women is past pregnancies. Because of the influence of genetic factors, we also question our patients ‘ nationality.

By tearing the tissues between the muscles that make the front wall of the abdomen and keep the internal organs inside, making the abdomen look flat, the muscles are separated from each other, and with the push of the organs from the inside, the abdomen looks outwards and drooping.

 Significant weight loss also leads to loosening and sagging of the abdominal skin. If your stomach is not only lubricated, but also the muscles are opened and sagging, it is possible to get a whole new look with abdominal aesthetics, tummy tuck “abdominoplasty” surgery.

At the end of pregnancy with abdominal stretching surgery, the expanding front wall of the abdomen is narrowed, the abdominal muscles that are loosened and opened between them are tightened, and the excess of sagging abdominal skin is taken together with fat.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

Tummy tuck surgery can take 2-5 hours, depending on the procedure. An incision line is often made, which can be hidden under underwear and remains 8-10 cm below the navel and above the pubis hairy area.

Think of it as a little longer than the C-section mark. A second incision is made for the transfer of the navel around the navel. After the operation is finished, the incision line is closed with a hidden suture under the skin and covered with dressings.

One or two tubes called drains are placed to remove excess fluid to be collected in the area. During abdominal stretching surgery, a urine probe is usually applied for use on the first day. After you stand up, the urine probe is pulled. Immediately after the tummy tuck operation, the person is dressed in the appropriate corset in the operating room.

[yprm_testimonials slider_loop=”off” slider_autoplay=”off” slider_arrows=”off” css_animation=”flipInX”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60146de94ded4″ quote=”In the first few days after tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal area will be swollen. In addition, it is normal to feel pain and discomfort that can be eliminated by taking medications. Drains placed during surgery are usually 3.-5. it is removed on days.”][/yprm_testimonials]
Karın germe estetiği ahmet dilber

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